Useful Information

P.O. Box 771
Old Street, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies

Tel: 1 (767) 448 2181
Fax: 1 (767) 4485787

Affiliated Companies of HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd.

Millennium Ventures Inc.

A sister company of HHV Whitcurch and Co. Ltd. established for exciting and agressive new ventures. Located upstairs of the DHL/Western Union building, entrance on Kennedy Avenue.

Millennium Freight Services

Millennium Freight Services offers freight consolidation and courier services internationally through recognized carriers such as Econocaribe, TNT and other freight forwarders worldwide.

Agents for:

  • TNT Express
  • Econocaribe
  • Logistics International Co. Ltd. (Trinidad)
  • CMA CGM (The French Line)


Aeropost is a Miami based company with over twenty eight years of experience in the mail and package forwarding business. Our Miami Hub in conjunction with our partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean allows us to provide end to end service for the members of our network to receive their packages, internet purchases, mail, and logistics services.

Ground Handlers Limited

Ground Handlers Ltd: A sister Company of Whitchurch, GHL operates at both Melville Hall and Canefield airports and offers ground handling service to Seaborne Airlines, Winair, Dominica Air Taxi (Caribbean Aviation) and many more airlines.